Bedford Special Education Parental Advisory Council (SEPAC)

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"Building on Strengths"

The Bedford SEPAC is a Massachusetts state-mandated volunteer organization created to advocate for the educational needs of children with learning challenges, disabilities and other special needs.  Bedford SEPAC works cooperatively with the Bedford Public Schools in an advisory capacity to guide the administration in the development, evaluation and planning of programs and policies as they pertain to students in special education.  Membership is open to all with a desire to advocate for the educational needs of students with disabilities and all who seek to promote understanding and respect for those with special needs.

Bedford SEPAC also serves as a valuable resource for parents, guardians, caretakers and educators of children with disabilities and/or learning challenges as a networking hub to connect with others to share information and offer mutual support. Our monthly coffees and other informal social events throughout the year provide forums for parents and other interested parties to connect, engage and participate.

In service to its members and the community, Bedford SEPAC hosts a number of educational presentations each year by a range of speakers, many of whom are noteworthy in their field of expertise.  Many of our presentations are relevant to K-12 education and child development in general and are open to all regardless of membership in SEPAC.